Our History

by co-founder, now retired, Chef Pops Helfer

It all began when my great grandparent’s handwritten cookbook, dated from the 1780’s, was found in my grandmother’s attic. The book of heirloom jottings was the rich source of our inspiration to pursue a life of culinary expertise and old-world tradition. Having spent over thirteen years in various countries learning their cuisines and techniques also proved a rich background in which to establish our restaurant.

My son, Jason, being the only other member of my family to take a keen interest in the field of culinary arts, attended the University of Johnson and Wales, Charleston, South Carolina, and received his degree. Upon his graduation, we founded The Peasant Village Restaurant on April 5, 1995, where we now bring the same culinary delights from around the world to our friends of San Angelo, Texas.

Featuring a wide variety of foods blended from the old and new world, the emphasis is on freshness and flavor. We also feature a variety of wines and mixed drinks at both the restaurant and newly established South Park Pub.

We give thanks to the families of Tomasik, Charney, and Helfer for preserving these culinary treasures and techniques, which have made our restaurant the success it is today. Sincere thanks, to our patrons for their loyalty and encouragement of our culinary presentations. Thank you, Southern Living and Texas Highways magazines for their generous features about our presentation and heritages through our restaurant.

– Chef Art “Pops” Helfer

Our Inspiration

Chef Jason

Jason Helfer

Jason Helfer

Head Chef and Founder


23 S. Park • San Angelo, TX 76901

Our Flavors